Gas prices may be bad now, but three leading CEOs warn there’s a bigger looming fuel crisis that would be a real nightmare



Propped Up By Putin, Russian Markets Creak Toward Full Reopening

(Bloomberg) — When Moscow stock traders return to their desks on Thursday morning, they’ll resume work in a market facing intense selling pressure while the state attempts to prop it up. It’s anyone’s guess which way things will go.Most Read from BloombergPutin Adviser Chubais Quits Over Ukraine War, Leaves RussiaChina Plane Crash Update: Voice Recorder Sent for AnalysisWhere Mornings Would Get Darker Under Permanent Daylight Savings TimeChina Jet’s Nosedive From 29,000 Feet Baffles Crash Speci

What to Know About the Boeing 737 Crash in China

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